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The term “Reserve” is used to describe varietals or vintages of wine that are held back because they are unique, rare, or in higher quality than a winery’s normal selection.  After wine is produced, it is placed in large oak barrels to age and ferment over time.  Throughout this aging process, wine producers taste test the wine occasionally to monitor the quality.  It is at this point, that the winemaker will notice that a particular barrel or group of barrels have a unique or special taste that distinguishes it from the rest of the year’s production.  These wines are then separated and coined as “Reserve” for that vintage.  

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Agur Special Reserve 750 Ml 2010  750ML       
Agur Special Reserve 2010 is a blend of 89% ... more
Sku: 044936
Reg. $39.99
Alexander Merlot Reserve 2009  750ML       
Alexander Merlot Res 2007 is a delightful blend ... more
Sku: 040432
Reg. $39.99
Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Kosher 2012  750ML       
Superbly flavored, with a full body and harsh ... more
Sku: 042228
Reg. $21.99
Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Kosher Napa Valley 2012  750ML       
Produced in Napa County, California and bears the  more
Sku: 040032
Reg. $47.99
On Sale $38.95
Bazelet Hagolan Merlot Rsv 2007  750ML       
From the Golan Heights of Israel comes Bazelet ... more
Sku: 041232
Reg. $54.99
Binyamina Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Kosher 2013  750ML       
Produced in the Binyamina sub-region of Galilee ... more
Sku: 042243
Reg. $24.99
Binyamina Carignan Rsv 2011  750ML       
Growing conditions and climate: A combination of ... more
Sku: 040290
Reg. $26.99
Binyamina Chardonnay Special Reserve Kosher 2014  750ML       
Produced in Galilee, Israel; one of three regions  more
Sku: 042244
Reg. $21.99
Binyamina Sauvignon Blanc Special Reserve 2013  750ML       
The wine boasts a clean and distinct aroma that ... more
Sku: 041284
Reg. $16.99
Binyamina Zinfandel Rsv 2011  750ML       
Full bodied and rich with a velvety mouth feel, ... more
Sku: 040136
Reg. $24.99
City Winery Haystack Rsv Cab 2010         
  Sku: 044362
Reg. $46.99
Dalton Merlot Reserve Kosher 2010  750ML       
Produced in the Upper Galilee appellation in ... more
Sku: 041280
Reg. $44.99
Dalton Rsv Cab Sauv 1.5L 2012  1.50L       
  Sku: 044290
Reg. $109.99
Dalton Shiraz Reserve 2009  750ML       
Syrah is showing a rich complex jammy fruit ... more
Sku: 040418
Reg. $39.99
Gush Etzion Lone Oak Cabernet Franc Rsv 2010         
Medium to full-bodied, reflecting its 14 months ... more
Sku: 040314
Reg. $33.99
Gush Etzion Lone Oak Cabernet Sauvignon Rsv 2011         
Aged in Oak for 14 months, full-bodied with soft ... more
Sku: 040313
Reg. $33.99
Gush Etzion Lone Oak Syrah Rsv 2009         
A dark garnet color with a royal purple hue, this  more
Sku: 040312
Reg. $32.99
Jerusalem Rsv Cabernet 750M 2012  750ML       
  Sku: 044285
Reg. $29.99
Recanati Special Reserve 2012  750ML       
A smooth and elegant Cabernet Sauvignon with ... more
Sku: 042262
Reg. $58.99
Recanati Syrah/Viogner Rsv 750 2010  750ML       
  Sku: 047842
Reg. $59.99
Recanati Wild Carignan Reserve 2012  750ML       
Rich and full-bodied with excellent acidity. ... more
Sku: 040324
Reg. $64.99
Segal's Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve 2012  750ML       
Full bodied, rich blackberry and dark cherry ... more
Sku: 042250
Reg. $21.99
Teperberg Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2011  750ML       
Binyamina Merlot Special Reserve 2009: Growing ... more
Sku: 041239
Reg. $38.99
Teperberg Reserve Merlot 2009  750ML       
Grown in the Judean Hills of Israel, Teperberg ... more
Sku: 041244
Reg. $34.99
Titora Winery Merlot Shiraz Reserve  750ML       
  Sku: 044256
Reg. $37.99
Tulip Winery Syrah Reserve 2011  750ML       
A deep purple burgundy color, Tulip Syrah Reserve  more
Sku: 044889
Reg. $47.99
Twin Suns Rsv Malbec 750ML 2012  750ML       
  Sku: 044230
Reg. $38.99
Twin Suns Rsv Pinot Noir 750ML 2013  750ML       
  Sku: 044229
Reg. $38.99
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