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Best to Wait Winesresults 1-5 of 5

Wines That Improve with Age



1.     Store wines horizontally or upside down in original carton to keep the cork moist and avoid potential oxidation and deterioration

      Utilize a humidifier if possible to ensure the corks donít dry out

2.     Stack red wines above white wines; red wines will cope better with the heat that rises

3.     Keep the temperature of wine storage unit cool and constant

4.     Avoid storing wine where it is susceptible to sunlight, especially direct sunlight

5.     Store wines in a place with little to no vibration or movement

6.     Utilize a humidifier if possible to ensure the corks wonít dry out and crack

7.     If you like what the vintage tastes like, donít age it!  Aged wines gain a softer, slightly oxidized and mellower character that you wonít like as much as the original 

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Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Special Edition Kosher Warnecke Vineyard Chalk Hill 2012  750ML       
  Sku: 040035
Reg. $99.99
On Sale $82.95
Baron Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Kosher Napa Valley 2012  750ML       
Produced in Napa County, California and bears the  more
Sku: 040032
Reg. $47.99
On Sale $38.95
Bartenura Soave 2009  750ML       
Light bodied, dry and crisp.... more
Sku: 040043
Reg. $47.99
On Sale $38.95
Bazelet Hagolan Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2011  750ML       
Awards: 91 Points International Wine Review. ... more
Sku: 040047
Reg. $62.99
On Sale $53.95
Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Alexander Valley 2012  750ML       
This Alexander Valley Special Reserve Cabernet ... more
Sku: 040037
Reg. $42.99
On Sale $34.95
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